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Ares Ultra 3.5 is a program to share files on peer-to-peer networks.
Using this program you´ll be able to share files in your drives with other people around the world. They can download your files, and you can download their files. Any kind of files, such as pictures, music, videos, software, documents or whatever information that can be saved in a file.
When you start Ares Ultra, your computer connects to FastTrack, a decentralized network. From that moment on, you will be able to search for and download any file you want.
Ares Ultra provides a tabbed interface. Through each tab you will have an access to the many features of the program. "Web" will lead you to the Ares´ built in web browser. "Library" will let you see which files you´re sharing with your peers. "Screen" will be the place where you will watch the video files you´ve downloaded. In the "Search" tab you will be able to look for the files you want in the entire network. Once you find your desired file, right clicking on that file will unfold a contextual menu. Clicking on the "Download" command will begin the download process, that you can follow under the "Transfer" tab. The program allows you to chat with your peers, through the "Chat" tab.

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  • The downloads are fast.


  • The free version of Ares does exactly the same, and connects faster.
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